Numberjacks is my favourite programme on CBeebies

I like watching CBeebies. There is a new programme called NumberJacks, and it is really special.

There are people who are numbers going up to 9, and there’s even a 0. Their names are what they look like.

One of them is a bright colour – number 3 is my favourite, and so is number 1, because number 1 is purple and number 3 is pink. They are my favourite colours.
They have their own website.


I was Golden Duckling this week

I am in Ducklings class at school. This week, I was the Golden Duckling, because I could think of lots of words that begin with letter “O”.

Because I was Golden Duckling, I wore the special badge all week, and on Friday (today), mummy and daddy came to a special assembly, where the whole school clapped the Golden people.

Here is a picture of the Golden Duckling badge. golden-duckling-blog.jpg

The words I thought of were, Oscar, Orange, Octopus, Octagon, Often, On and Off.