Numberjacks is my favourite programme on CBeebies

I like watching CBeebies. There is a new programme called NumberJacks, and it is really special.

There are people who are numbers going up to 9, and there’s even a 0. Their names are what they look like.

One of them is a bright colour – number 3 is my favourite, and so is number 1, because number 1 is purple and number 3 is pink. They are my favourite colours.
They have their own website.


22 thoughts on “Numberjacks is my favourite programme on CBeebies

  1. Dear Pippy (and Dad)

    I’m very glad you like the Numberjacks. I made it up and wrote the scripts (the stories).
    All the people at Open Mind Productions (and lots of others) helped to make it. We also made the Shiny Show.

    All the very best

    Chris Ellis

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for the comments. Numberjacks is great, and the “re-enactments” on the Shiny Show have to rank as some of the best-written television on at the moment (never sure whether the children get the humour, though.)


    Mark (Daddy)

  3. Dear Pippy (and daddy)

    My little boy Oliver loves numberjacks. He is nearly 2 years old and has started to say the numbers now. He loves number 6 the best.

    Love Oliver and Tanith

  4. Dear Pippy,

    I love numberjacks too. I am nearly 3 and it has really helped with my counting. I love playing with them too, sending them on missions. As there are no numberjacks in the shops yet my daddy made me some, and I take them everywhere. I’m hoping to get some numberjack dominos for Christmas, just like the ones on the website. Have a lovely Christmas.

    Ryan (and daddy)

  5. Hi ! I didn’t realise so many children love this programme as much as my son !!!! He is obsessed bless him ! Please could you let me know via e mail when the DVD is to be released and where I could get it from as I am having no luck so far !!!! Thankyou for your help we are looking forward to your reply ! xxxx

  6. Catherine,

    Indeed. Chris Ellis from OpenMind (the company who produce Numberjacks) is being great at keeping us up-to-date.

    I’ll be sure to let you know.


    Mark (Pippy’s daddy)

  7. Dear Pippy and All

    The work on the DVD is going well. We also hope that there will be Numberjacks posters coming out at about the same time. We don’t know about books and toys yet, and they take a lot longer to make anyway.

    Numberjacks is also going on to the radio – BBC7 in the afternoon. These will be new 5 minute programmes and will start in March.

    All the best

    Chris and the Numberjacks

  8. Neo,

    I know how you feel!

    I have to say – amazing credit to Open Mind productions for posting information about the DVD and the games on this blog – so at least we know that April is when the DVD is due!


    Mark (Pippy’s daddy)

  9. My 3 year old loves number jacks, he is already aware of the DVD and we have reserved a copy for him. Very educational. He is now asking for number jack toys – do they exisit??


  10. Diana,

    The last update I got about the toys was “don’t know”.

    Apparently, the Number DVD is the first thing due for release, followed by the posters and the radio programmes.

    Personally, I’d love for there to be toys. At the moment, our house seems covered in the CBeebies Printables! (

  11. Numberjacks are fantastic. My son who is 3.2 months is an avid fan and carries his magnetic numbers everywhere with him. He now looks out for and can name all the single numbers on doors that we pass and his counting is getting better every day. Such fun to see him learning so much without him realising it!! Well done to the makers we rate it 10/10
    Linda Rose and Henry

  12. Linda,

    We know – that’s why we love Numberjacks so much… I know that Chris Ellis (the scriptwriter) reads this blog from time to time, so I’m sure he’ll see your comments.


    Mark (Pippy’s dad)

  13. My boy Conor who is just 4 loves numberjacks and has the magnetic letters but has lost (maybe my fault cos I didn’t realise they were so important) number 1 and 7. He has been to see Fr Christmas a few days ago and that is all he asked for. Please can you help where I can get magnetic numberjacks from. In a world where kids want expensive presents all he wants is something that costs relatively nothing but means so much! Thank you.

  14. On another point, why do the soft numberjacks only come in 0,2,3,4,5,6 I would buy them all but my son would ask where 1,7,8 and 9 are so it would be a waste of time? Surely the people who make the decisions to make and market these realise that kids might have a favourite number other than the ones they have decided to make? Look forward to you telling me you can get the other numbers elsewhere. Thanks.

  15. I have exactly that problem. We have been buying the numbers as we have been able to find them….. only to discover that the set is incomplete!! Our little lines them up and there is no 1, 7,8 or 9! I’ve search the official website and email them too, but no reply. I don’t think I’d by toy letters if I new the vowels were missing!!! Bring out the missing numbers!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

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