My favourite DVD

My favourite DVD is A Christmas To Remember, which is a Bob the Builder DVD.

There is a man called Lenny who had a cold in the DVD, and he had lost his voice. Roley had to do the song instead, and helped Elton John to sing.

Bob has a brother called Tom, who missed his boat in the middle of this DVD. But there is a happy ending.

[Daddy writes: I have this hideous feeling that a whole generation of children are growing up to believe that Sir. Elton John owes his entire career to a cement mixer – a good number of cameo appearances including Noddy Holder as Chris Evans’ roadie!]


I am golden fish this week

A few weeks ago, I was Golden Duckling. Someone is Golden Duckling if they say something clever.

This week, I am Golden Fish – someone is Golden Fish if they are helpful.

I am Golden Fish because I am very cheerful every time my teacher does the register.

On Friday, there is going to be a special assembly for mummy and daddy, and the headteacher will read my fish.

[Daddy’s note – they write what the chosen child has done on a fish, and stick it up on a board called “Golden Fishes”]

I watched Fingerbobs yesterday

Yesterday, I watched Fingerbobs on DVD.

This is a programme that mummy and daddy used to watch when they were little.

My favourite episode is called “String”. There is a ball of tangled string that Fingermouse finds and brings it back to Yoffy.

I have been watching it lots. “It’s bumpy” is another episode.

[I had to go and find the DVD so daddy could work out how to spell “Yoffy”.]