Balamory game on the CBeebies website

Today, I played the Highland Games on the CBeebies website.

The Highland Games is part of Balamory.

I got 159 points, and I won all three games. The three games are Archie Tug-Of-War, Josie’s Obstacle Race, and PC Plum’s Coconut shy.


There is going to be a Numberjacks DVD

Numberjacks is my first favourite programme.

Today, I found out that there is going to be a Numberjacks DVD. [Daddy writes – not till April 2007]

I love Numberjacks, and I can’t wait to have a DVD about it. My little brother likes Numberjacks too – he says “zero” every day.

Doodle Do is my next favourite programme on CBeebies

I watched Doodle Do yesterday.

After Numberjacks, it is my favourite programme.

It’s when Stick, DibDab and Scribble think that they are going to make something, because Chris told them to get flowers. Stick, DibDab and Scribble are three DoodleDoers [daddy writes – puppets!].

They told Chris what they were going to make, but Chris said they weren’t going to make anything, because they had got flour, not flowers. They needed to get flowers for Auntie Gwennie.

[daddy writes – Pippy is claiming that it’s Auntie Grennie, but we think that Gwennie is more likely – we do these blogs by Pippy dictating – daddy actually does the typing.]

Colouring in Numberjacks

Numberjacks was on today, and I watched it. I have seen that episode on three days.

It’s when zero causes trouble, and first six tried to chase zero, but zero was too fast. One tried to save the day, but there kept being one, then zero, then one, then zero over and over. It was OK in the end because the only thing zero could make disappear was four’s headache.

[Daddy writes – I’ve not seen this particular episode, so I hope that made sense!]

I printed out some pictures of Numberjacks from Numberjacks Colouring In page on the CBeebies website, and coloured them in.

Here are some I coloured in:

Numberjacks coloured in

The Christmas Tree

On Friday, we put up the Christmas Tree.  It was the first of December when we put it up.

Mummy put up the Christmas tree and I put red snowflakes on it. You can put red snowflakes wherever you like.

I put up the big soft baubles. I thought baubles had two “l”s in it, but that’s not right. Daddy had to ask mummy how to spell it.

We went to Church this morning, and it was fantastic. Daddy sings in the choir.

[Daddy writes: Red snowflakes are snowflake-shaped decorations.]