There is going to be a Numberjacks DVD

Numberjacks is my first favourite programme.

Today, I found out that there is going to be a Numberjacks DVD. [Daddy writes – not till April 2007]

I love Numberjacks, and I can’t wait to have a DVD about it. My little brother likes Numberjacks too – he says “zero” every day.


14 thoughts on “There is going to be a Numberjacks DVD

  1. Hi Pippy

    Mums helping me with this too (I’ll be 4 in January). Numberjacks is my favourite too. Everyone in my family has a number now. I’m number 4.

    Thanks for letting us know about the DVD – my mum’s been trying to find one everywhere for me.
    Have a good Christmas


  2. Hugo (and mum),

    Thanks for commenting on Pippy’s blog.

    Pippy did decide that we should all be numbers, so she is 4, her brother is 2, and I was 36.

    I decided that I didn’t like that so much, and I think your way is better.

    Hope you have a great Christmas and a very happy birthday.

    Pippy’s daddy

  3. Hi Pippy
    We met all the people who make toys and games and things to day, and told them how you and lots of other children love the Numberjacks. We hope they will make Numberjacks toys and other things to play with.
    All the vey best,
    Chris Ellis

  4. Hi Pippy,
    Emma says she cant wait and was looking on eBay for numberjacks for the dvd and was disappointed there was not one yet, but great she now knows when its out,
    thanks Emma with a little help from dad.

  5. Thank goodness, I am 2 and Numberjacks is my favourite programme, I can’t wait for the DVD in April. Thanks for telling me. Luke.

  6. Great news!! Mummy and I are searching on the net for said DVD. I am so upset because silly Pippin is on today instead of my favourite Numberjacks. Mummy says that Pippin is some other little girls favourite and its her turn this week. Does anyone know when the next series is?

    My little sisters birthday is in April so Mummy says that maybe I’ll get the dvd as a wee treat.

    Pippy I am four too and live in Glasgow.

  7. Hi Pippy

    Can we wait until then! I was really upset – We turned the TV on at just gone 5 – got ready to watch the Numberjacks and instead there was Auntie Mabel again – she was only on this morning!!!

    My mum got straight on the internet looking for a DVD but couldn’t find anything.

    (Mum writes – don’t usually do this but Ollie was distraught and I’d promised him all day – that will teach me not to look at the schedules!!!)

    So thank you for finding out about the DVD.

    Mum did find out that Numberjacks is on on Saturday’s on BBC2 and is back on CBeebies from 19th February for 2 weeks – I can’t wait. (if you click on chris ellis posting it will take you to schedule).

    I’m number 4- I haven’t given my mum or dad a number yet!!

    Bye Bye

  8. Emma, Luke, Rosie and Ollie,

    This is Pippy’s daddy. Thank you for commenting on her blog (I hope that your mummys and daddys were with you when you did).

    Numberjacks are only on TV on Saturdays at the moment – at 11am and 5pm.


    Pippy’s daddy

  9. Hi Pippy,

    Mummy say’s I’m going Numberjacks mad – it’s my favourite tv programme at the moment and I’m even learning how to use the computer by checking out the Numberjacks page on the Cbeebies website. I’m getting really good at using the mouse, clicking on Spooky Spoon!

    Mummy checked out when the dvd is due like many other clever mums and dads so I’m holding on till April to see if I can have it (I’d better be really good from now on!)

    Anyway, if your Daddy reads this today, Numberjacks is on tonight at 1715, just in time for me to watch while Mummy gets my tea ready! We’re having spaghetti bolognese tonight – my favourite.

    I’m a wee bit younger than you Pippy, I’m 3 and I live in Helensburgh!

  10. Hi Honor-boo,

    This is Pippy’s daddy. Thank you for reading Pippy’s blog.

    We just got back in time on Saturday to watch Numberjacks.

    The good news is that in three weeks time, Numberjacks is coming back to CBeebies on weekdays (with a whole lot of new episodes).


    Pippy’s daddy

  11. What great news about the DVD. My name is Thomas and I am 3. I love Numberjacks before everything else. does anyone know if there will be other merchandise?

  12. Hello
    We live in the Sofa. The person who is typing (my mummy) is Numberjack 1. The person standing next to Numberjack 1 is Numberjack 5 ( me – Sam). The Numberjack downstairs (my Dad) is Numberjack 4. We love watching Numberjacks and we ARE Numberjacks. Even our cat has a number – he is Numberjack 0. We are looking forward to the DVD and wish there were some other Numberjack toys to play with. We may make some Numberjack biscuits this weekend.

    Let’s go out there!!!!


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