My CBeebies Friends Printables Play


I made a play of the Christmas story.

There are lots of angels, lots of sheep and lots of shepherds. Todd (from ToddWorld) is going to be the Angel Gabriel. Granny Murray (from Me Too) is going to be the star carrier. Number 9 (from Numberjacks) can’t be a King, because he hasn’t got any hands, but I think he can be baby Jesus because baby Jesus doesn’t carry anything. All the four Teletubbies can be Angels. Tina (from Me Too) is going to be a shepherd. Sophie (from ToddWorld) asked to be a Shepherd. Benny and Mitzi (from ToddWorld) both want to be sheep. Tom and Tiny (from Tots TV) can be Kings. Pickles (from ToddWorld) is going to be a King, because he already has a crown and Tilly (from Tots TV) will be a page, but Tiny has just said he wants to be Joseph, so Number 4 (from Numberjacks) can be the third king. Number 1 (from Numberjacks) really wants to be Mary.

[Daddy writes: CBeebies Friends is what Pippy calls the CBeebies Website because of the “play with your CBeebies Friends on the Internet” advert they run. It was somewhat surreal having her print out all these characters, then watching her hold them up to her ear as they each whisphered what they wanted to be! The CBeebies Printable page is here]


2 Responses to “My CBeebies Friends Printables Play”

  1. Helen Says:

    What about Lunar Jim? Did he want to be in the play?

  2. markharrison Says:

    Well, he did whisper in my ear, but he said he didn’t want to be in my play.


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