Nina and the Neurons

I’m going to make a cinema of Nina and the Neurons.

Nina and the Neurons is a new programme. I watched it for the first time today.

Then I went to the CBeebies website and printed out the Nina and the Neurons printables. I painted them and I played on their homepage.Nina and the Neurons printables

Now I have printed them, I am going to make my own question. My favourite Neurons are Ollie and Belle. Ollie studies smell and Belle listens.

Nina and the Neurons was on straight after Numberjacks.

[Daddy writes: Nina is a human, the neurons represent the five senses – Bud is taste, Ollie is smell, Felix is touch, Belle is hearing, and Luke is seeing. The names are reasonable puns in either English or Latin.]


Numberjacks DVD – ready to order [a message from Daddy]

It looks like, as of this morning, Amazon and Play have both listed the Numberjacks DVD.

As revealed two weeks ago (on my daughter’s Blog!), the release date is early April – both Amazon and Play are quoting April 2nd.

You can pre-order from by clicking here

Only six weeks to go!

My Little Ponies

I got 5 Little Ponies for Christmas. The longest haired one is Petite Petunia. Secret Wish is a bit bigger than her. Twirlerina is the same size as Secret Wish but she is a Pegasus Pony so she can fly and go to further away places. Lovey Dovey has a heart on her. The last one is called Sunny Sparkles.

They are all magnet ponies so they can hang on magnet things like my brother’s tricycle and the chair that has the blue seat. But when they all work together they manage to all get to the same place.

[Mummt writes: There is a magnet in one foot of each of them.]

Number Fun

In number fun I’ve only got up to 18. I am learning about prime numbers and non prime numbers with Mummy and Daddy. I try to make rectangle shapes with blocks (like the buddy blocks in Numberjacks).

I sometimes make a square or a cube. 1 and 4 make a square, 8 makes a cube. The rest of the non prime numbers are rectangle shapes.

[Mummy writes – the Numberjacks buddy blocks really started her off when the 6 and 3 made a block of 9 …]