A father’s day card for daddy

The father’s day card for daddy that I gave him was the one I made at school.
On the front there is a picture of daddy and me in a hug together. I drew the picture on Friday, and brought it home, but it was a surprise for daddy.

And today is Sunday, it’s father’s day today. Me and Peter gave daddy a book. I helped wrap the books up – I made a mistake once and mummy helped.


Daddy Writes (Numbjeracks wins Royal Television Society Award)

In a comment on this blog late last night, Chris Ellis, writer of Numberjacks, wrote:

For Pippy, her Dad and others who have said kind words – you might like to know that Numberjacks won the Royal Television Society’s Award for best pre-school educational programme, which of course we are delighted about.

The Royal Television Society have the following to say about it:

This winning programme is an innovative combination of live action and animation of great appeal for its audience, made with a thorough understanding of how young children learn and rehearse basic mathematical concepts.

We second that!

Congratulations to all at OpenMind from a raving fan (and his daughter!)




Lazytown is really great. There is someone called Sportacus, who always saves the day.

Miss Busybody is always talking.

Stephanie’s uncle is the mayor of Lazytown. Ziggy loves eating lots and lots and lots of sweets. Pixel is alway playing computer games, even at night-time. Stingy wants everything. Trixie sometimes tells jokes. Robbie Rotten tries to get rid of Sportacus.

Stephanie is 8 years old, and has pink hair. I love pink, but I don’t have pink hair.