A word of explanation from Daddy


Pippy’s dad here.

When Pippy was 4, she noticed that both Mary (mummy) and I had blogs. By this time, she was quite used to the Internet, and therefore decided she wanted a blog of her own.

The deal we came up with was:

  • No pictures or videos of her or her brother
  • She would dictate, I would type (we would discuss what to write)
  • I would read comments BEFORE she would see them (sadly, even with Akismet anti-spam running, this has been necessary)

I ought to stress that we discussed this approach with both my brother (a police officer) and my sister (a teacher), and all of us felt it was the right compromise between development and protection.


One thought on “A word of explanation from Daddy

  1. Dear Pippy

    Wow! I have just stumbled across your online blog and wanted to say how impressive it is!! Fantastic!!

    At the moment my two little boys are just 1 and 3 and I keep a journal for them with photographs and snippets of information. I promised myself I would do this until they were five..I planned to finish it when they were 4 – but now I will help them to start a blog – just like yours!! It is wonderful and very interesting. I hope you continue to enjoy your maths..our little boy Callum loves the numberjacks too!

    Work hard and have lots of fun.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    PS Well done to Daddy too!

    Sacha Brakenbury.

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