The Wizard of Oz

At school the Year 5 and 6 play is The Wizard of Oz. I am Dorothy. For Toto we’ve got our Music and Drama teacher’s dog who is really cute and fluffy.

We have rehearsals on Wednesdays, Sundays and in Music and Drama lessons. I am really excited and looking forward to the performance.


Show and Tell

Tomorrow it will be my show and tell and I can’t wait. I will be showing my blog and it will be fantastic when I have done this. It is so exciting!

My map of the world

There are volcanos in the world. There is one in Italy (that kicked poor Sicily) and there is one in Sicily too.

My map of the world

I coloured deserts in Africa and South America and grasslands in North America, and Europe and Asia which are joined together. Australia is red because of the red rock in the middle (Mummy writes – Uluru).

I drew on the cable under the sea (Mummy writes – the Sea-Me-We 3 cable network – the longest undersea telecoms cable)

In September I will be in a new class at school

In September my new class is going to be Kingfishers. My teacher is called Mrs Tong. That is in Year 1.

In September I want to be better at jumping in the air and cartwheels. We do jumping in PE when the mat is near a bench but I don’t know about cartwheels. I want to do some drawing and sometimes going to Dragonflies which is the other Year 1 class. The Dragonfly teacher is my old teacher that I had in Reception (Ducklings). The Dragonfly Class were Goslings in Reception.

Tommy Zoom and The Pontipines’ song.

I’ve won twice in the two Tommy Zoom games on the CBeebies website as you just have to get all three stars to win – that’s in Super Zoom. Polluto is up to no good every time Tommy comes. Tommy always has to come when Polluto is about. Polluto and Smogg try to catch Tommy but Tommy keeps flying. Polluto can’t fly.

The Pontipines song is another one from CBeebies [Mummy writes – they are the tiny characters on In The Night Garden]. I like the Pontipines song because at the end it does a dance. It keeps going round and round the garden and every time it stops it goes in and out [Mummy writes – a bit like a country dance].