The Great Blueness

Today, I have been reading “The Great Blueness” by Arnold Lobel.

At the start, there were no colours in the world at all, because everything was black or white or grey. A wizard lived there, and he was very sad.

He knew was something was not good, so he made a colour called blue, but that made everybody sad.

Then he made the colour yellow, but that was too bright. Everyone had a headache.

Then he made red, but that made everyone cross and bad-tempered.

Then the wizard made all the colours you could possibly imagine, and then the world was all colourful, and everyone liked it.

I like this book because it has lots of colours in it.

[Daddy writes: The book must be at least 35 years old, since it was mine when I was Pippy’s age, and “grannie and grandad” recently passed it over to Mary and I for our children.]


Puzzle Balloon Race

Puzzle Balloon Race is a puzzle book that I have had for Christmas.

I have several other puzzle books, and now I have got 15 of them!
The two children in it are called Ben and Jess, but they don’t live together because they are both cousins.

Do you know that hot air is lighter than cold air?