My Balamory DVD

My Balamory DVD has four titles but the extra bonus one is my favourite. It is The Tortoise and the Hare. They all have stories on them.

My favourite characters are the girls – Josie Jump, Edie McCreedie, Miss Hooley, Penny Pocket and Susie Sweet.

I like the sweet shop drop game on the Cbeebies website. I especially like the pink ones.


Numberjacks – more news about the DVD and Radio

Chris Ellis, who writes Numberjacks, posted the following as a comment:

Dear Pippy and All,The work on the DVD is going well. We also hope that there will be Numberjacks posters coming out at about the same time. We don’t know about books and toys yet, and they take a lot longer to make anyway.

Numberjacks is also going on to the radio – BBC7 in the afternoon. These will be new 5 minute programmes and will start in March.

All the best

Chris and the Numberjacks

My favourite DVD

My favourite DVD is A Christmas To Remember, which is a Bob the Builder DVD.

There is a man called Lenny who had a cold in the DVD, and he had lost his voice. Roley had to do the song instead, and helped Elton John to sing.

Bob has a brother called Tom, who missed his boat in the middle of this DVD. But there is a happy ending.

[Daddy writes: I have this hideous feeling that a whole generation of children are growing up to believe that Sir. Elton John owes his entire career to a cement mixer – a good number of cameo appearances including Noddy Holder as Chris Evans’ roadie!]