My map of the world

There are volcanos in the world. There is one in Italy (that kicked poor Sicily) and there is one in Sicily too.

My map of the world

I coloured deserts in Africa and South America and grasslands in North America, and Europe and Asia which are joined together. Australia is red because of the red rock in the middle (Mummy writes – Uluru).

I drew on the cable under the sea (Mummy writes – the Sea-Me-We 3 cable network – the longest undersea telecoms cable)


Nina and the Neurons

I’m going to make a cinema of Nina and the Neurons.

Nina and the Neurons is a new programme. I watched it for the first time today.

Then I went to the CBeebies website and printed out the Nina and the Neurons printables. I painted them and I played on their homepage.Nina and the Neurons printables

Now I have printed them, I am going to make my own question. My favourite Neurons are Ollie and Belle. Ollie studies smell and Belle listens.

Nina and the Neurons was on straight after Numberjacks.

[Daddy writes: Nina is a human, the neurons represent the five senses – Bud is taste, Ollie is smell, Felix is touch, Belle is hearing, and Luke is seeing. The names are reasonable puns in either English or Latin.]

Colouring in Numberjacks

Numberjacks was on today, and I watched it. I have seen that episode on three days.

It’s when zero causes trouble, and first six tried to chase zero, but zero was too fast. One tried to save the day, but there kept being one, then zero, then one, then zero over and over. It was OK in the end because the only thing zero could make disappear was four’s headache.

[Daddy writes – I’ve not seen this particular episode, so I hope that made sense!]

I printed out some pictures of Numberjacks from Numberjacks Colouring In page on the CBeebies website, and coloured them in.

Here are some I coloured in:

Numberjacks coloured in