Pippy and her daddy talk about the snowman

We built a snowman.Snowman in April

It was great fun building – we didn’t use a carrot for a nose – we poked the nose with our fingers with our gloves on, and we did that for the eyes as well.

Mummy did most of the snowman. Peter was getting some snow. I think I was getting the scarf, which was made out of a piece of tree [Daddy Notes: Cordyline

Daddy took the photo. He was at church when we made it.

It is unusual to have snow in April in England.


Number Fun

In number fun I’ve only got up to 18. I am learning about prime numbers and non prime numbers with Mummy and Daddy. I try to make rectangle shapes with blocks (like the buddy blocks in Numberjacks).

I sometimes make a square or a cube. 1 and 4 make a square, 8 makes a cube. The rest of the non prime numbers are rectangle shapes.

[Mummy writes – the Numberjacks buddy blocks really started her off when the 6 and 3 made a block of 9 …]

The Christmas Tree

On Friday, we put up the Christmas Tree.  It was the first of December when we put it up.

Mummy put up the Christmas tree and I put red snowflakes on it. You can put red snowflakes wherever you like.

I put up the big soft baubles. I thought baubles had two “l”s in it, but that’s not right. Daddy had to ask mummy how to spell it.

We went to Church this morning, and it was fantastic. Daddy sings in the choir.

[Daddy writes: Red snowflakes are snowflake-shaped decorations.]