My Little Ponies

I got 5 Little Ponies for Christmas. The longest haired one is Petite Petunia. Secret Wish is a bit bigger than her. Twirlerina is the same size as Secret Wish but she is a Pegasus Pony so she can fly and go to further away places. Lovey Dovey has a heart on her. The last one is called Sunny Sparkles.

They are all magnet ponies so they can hang on magnet things like my brother’s tricycle and the chair that has the blue seat. But when they all work together they manage to all get to the same place.

[Mummt writes: There is a magnet in one foot of each of them.]


My dolls

I have got three special dolls.

One of my dolls is called Madalaine. The one with a blue shirt on is called Keith, and the other one is called Jasmine.

They help me sleep at night-time, and they’ve got nice clothes on. The one called Jasmine has even got a hat, and Madalaine has got lots of hair. She is called Madalaine because she looks like the Madalaine in Bagpuss.

Keith and Jasmine have invisible hair.

Keith’s best friend is Skye, from another house. Jasmine’s best friend is Melissa, and Madalaine’s best friend is Faith.

My best friend is Ellie.