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My Balamory DVD

May 12, 2007

My Balamory DVD has four titles but the extra bonus one is my favourite. It is The Tortoise and the Hare. They all have stories on them.

My favourite characters are the girls – Josie Jump, Edie McCreedie, Miss Hooley, Penny Pocket and Susie Sweet.

I like the sweet shop drop game on the Cbeebies website. I especially like the pink ones.


Tommy Zoom and The Pontipines’ song.

April 1, 2007

I’ve won twice in the two Tommy Zoom games on the CBeebies website as you just have to get all three stars to win – that’s in Super Zoom. Polluto is up to no good every time Tommy comes. Tommy always has to come when Polluto is about. Polluto and Smogg try to catch Tommy but Tommy keeps flying. Polluto can’t fly.

The Pontipines song is another one from CBeebies [Mummy writes – they are the tiny characters on In The Night Garden]. I like the Pontipines song because at the end it does a dance. It keeps going round and round the garden and every time it stops it goes in and out [Mummy writes – a bit like a country dance].

In The Night Garden…

March 31, 2007

In The Night Garden is a new programme on CBeebies. The start of the song starts with the flashing stars. Igglepiggle takes down the sail of the boat and put the light on. The sail is his special blanket that he carries around the Night Garden. At the end if the song the big star goes up into the springtime blossom.

Makka Pakka has to go under a bridge to get to the Night Garden because people have to use the bridge to cross his path otherwise they would have to go round.

Upsy Daisy’s bed is in the middle of the daisies. On Upsy Daisy’s game on the CBeebies website her bed runs off and she has to chase it. Then it goes back to its place and she comes and finds it.

The Tombliboos are called Om, Ee and Oo [Mummy writes – we think these names are right.]. When you click on the Tombliboos on their game page their shorts fall down and that makes us laugh – it’s so funny.

It is so funny when Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy fall over on the TV. Upsy Daisy fell over when the flower was so pretty she couldn’t believe her eyes.

The Pontipines are so small you can’t see if they are there at all. Even when there are ten you can’t see if they are there. 1 Pontipine, 2 Pontipines, 3 Pontipines, 4 Pontipines, 5 Pontipines, 6 Pontipines, 7 Pontipines, 8 Pontipines, 9 Pontipines 10 Pontipines. When the Pontipine children are missing they go into and onto strange places. Once they fell asleep on Upsy Daisy’s bed and another time they got onto the Tombliboos’ roof because they were making so much noise that they couldn’t hear anyone except the Pontipine children on the roof.

The Haahoos are so big that when you are so little like the Pontipines we have just talked about you can’t see how big they are.

The Ninky Nonk is so fast we can’t catch it. The round one is the Tombliboos’, the tall one is Upsy Daisy’s, the little one is the Pontipines’ and the back one was Igglepiggle’s when he was on his own.

The Pinky Ponk can fly. When you are a bird in the Night Garden and you can fly you might be able to catch it as it is so slow. The large people go in the bottom and the Pontipines go up the top.

Nina and the Neurons

February 26, 2007

I’m going to make a cinema of Nina and the Neurons.

Nina and the Neurons is a new programme. I watched it for the first time today.

Then I went to the CBeebies website and printed out the Nina and the Neurons printables. I painted them and I played on their homepage.Nina and the Neurons printables

Now I have printed them, I am going to make my own question. My favourite Neurons are Ollie and Belle. Ollie studies smell and Belle listens.

Nina and the Neurons was on straight after Numberjacks.

[Daddy writes: Nina is a human, the neurons represent the five senses – Bud is taste, Ollie is smell, Felix is touch, Belle is hearing, and Luke is seeing. The names are reasonable puns in either English or Latin.]

My CBeebies Friends Printables Play

January 7, 2007

I made a play of the Christmas story.

There are lots of angels, lots of sheep and lots of shepherds. Todd (from ToddWorld) is going to be the Angel Gabriel. Granny Murray (from Me Too) is going to be the star carrier. Number 9 (from Numberjacks) can’t be a King, because he hasn’t got any hands, but I think he can be baby Jesus because baby Jesus doesn’t carry anything. All the four Teletubbies can be Angels. Tina (from Me Too) is going to be a shepherd. Sophie (from ToddWorld) asked to be a Shepherd. Benny and Mitzi (from ToddWorld) both want to be sheep. Tom and Tiny (from Tots TV) can be Kings. Pickles (from ToddWorld) is going to be a King, because he already has a crown and Tilly (from Tots TV) will be a page, but Tiny has just said he wants to be Joseph, so Number 4 (from Numberjacks) can be the third king. Number 1 (from Numberjacks) really wants to be Mary.

[Daddy writes: CBeebies Friends is what Pippy calls the CBeebies Website because of the “play with your CBeebies Friends on the Internet” advert they run. It was somewhat surreal having her print out all these characters, then watching her hold them up to her ear as they each whisphered what they wanted to be! The CBeebies Printable page is here]

Balamory game on the CBeebies website

December 20, 2006

Today, I played the Highland Games on the CBeebies website.

The Highland Games is part of Balamory.

I got 159 points, and I won all three games. The three games are Archie Tug-Of-War, Josie’s Obstacle Race, and PC Plum’s Coconut shy.

There is going to be a Numberjacks DVD

December 12, 2006

Numberjacks is my first favourite programme.

Today, I found out that there is going to be a Numberjacks DVD. [Daddy writes – not till April 2007]

I love Numberjacks, and I can’t wait to have a DVD about it. My little brother likes Numberjacks too – he says “zero” every day.

Doodle Do is my next favourite programme on CBeebies

December 12, 2006

I watched Doodle Do yesterday.

After Numberjacks, it is my favourite programme.

It’s when Stick, DibDab and Scribble think that they are going to make something, because Chris told them to get flowers. Stick, DibDab and Scribble are three DoodleDoers [daddy writes – puppets!].

They told Chris what they were going to make, but Chris said they weren’t going to make anything, because they had got flour, not flowers. They needed to get flowers for Auntie Gwennie.

[daddy writes – Pippy is claiming that it’s Auntie Grennie, but we think that Gwennie is more likely – we do these blogs by Pippy dictating – daddy actually does the typing.]

Colouring in Numberjacks

December 10, 2006

Numberjacks was on today, and I watched it. I have seen that episode on three days.

It’s when zero causes trouble, and first six tried to chase zero, but zero was too fast. One tried to save the day, but there kept being one, then zero, then one, then zero over and over. It was OK in the end because the only thing zero could make disappear was four’s headache.

[Daddy writes – I’ve not seen this particular episode, so I hope that made sense!]

I printed out some pictures of Numberjacks from Numberjacks Colouring In page on the CBeebies website, and coloured them in.

Here are some I coloured in:

Numberjacks coloured in

I watched Fingerbobs yesterday

November 19, 2006

Yesterday, I watched Fingerbobs on DVD.

This is a programme that mummy and daddy used to watch when they were little.

My favourite episode is called “String”. There is a ball of tangled string that Fingermouse finds and brings it back to Yoffy.

I have been watching it lots. “It’s bumpy” is another episode.

[I had to go and find the DVD so daddy could work out how to spell “Yoffy”.]